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Sigh of Relief’s training method focuses on the connection between dog and owner. When you start your training journey with SOR, we will work on strengthening this connection before introducing obedience.

Private Training

Every dog, family, and situation is different. Sigh of Relief will work with you to create a plan that is personalized to what you, your dog, and your family need. Common challenges we address include:

  • Pulling, barking and/or lunging on walks

  • "My dog doesn't listen!"

  • Barking out the window

  • Door Bolting

  • Jumping on guests

  • Inability to relax

Interested in learning more? Don’t see the issue you’re having listed above? Contact us to set up a complimentary phone consultation.


Puppy Training

Did you recently bring a puppy home? 
Or are you planning to bring a puppy home soon?

Bringing a puppy home is such an exciting time! But holy puppy, can they be overwhelming or what?! Sigh of Relief can help you every step of the way! Topics we will covered include:​

  • Potty and House Training

  • Teething/Nipping/Biting

  • Socialization

  • Creating the Ultimate Bond

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Introducing a collar, leash, and harness to your puppy

  • Recommended Products

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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