"I love being around animals. I feel a strong connection and magnetic pull towards them, and I am only beginning to learn how to tap into that. I always want to be moving in a direction that strengthens this gift, while simultaneously helping others do the same."

My Why

Kate Grimm, Owner



Sigh of Relief is not just a name, it is who we are. It is what we do for our customers, our team, and the pets in our care. It is our culture. Connection is what brings us all together. We will use the power of connection to always provide a safe, trustworthy, and attentive environment for our Sigh of Relief Family.

Sigh of Relief understands that each family has their own set of needs, especially when it comes to pet care. We look to be the community owners trust for attentive and reliable pet care. We will work with each owner to create a plan that fits their pet’s lifestyle. We strive to provide that peace of mind feeling owners look for when they need to trust their pet in someone else’s hands. We are the sigh of relief pet owners are searching for.

Sigh of Relief is a team of compassionate, educated animal lovers. Our love of animals is what brings us together. We are continuously learning to ensure we are always providing the best possible care. We seek opportunities to grow our experience and knowledge. We provide an open environment to share and implement what we learn. We believe that compassion and education are the foundation behind a sigh of relief experience.




Kate Grimm


While I have spent my life surrounded by animals, I officially started working in the industry in 2015, after obtaining a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business Management. I gained experience working in multiple dog boarding and daycare facilities prior to, and while growing, Sigh of Relief. In the spring of 2017, Sigh of Relief was established and opened for dog walking and cat care. Simultaneously, I was enrolled in a dog training program, becoming an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT) in January 2018. Since then, I have continued my education in training and dog behavior by working with trainers who truly encompass the meaning of holistic dog training. My goal is to use all of my knowledge not only in training, but throughout every service that SOR offers.



Kelsey joined the Sigh of Relief team in September 2020. Kelsey's background includes several years of experience working with dogs in the daycare and boarding industry. She is currently walking dogs for SOR while working towards a bachelor's degree at SUNY Empire. When Kelsey is not walking dogs or studying, she enjoys hiking with her adorable and energetic Australian Shepherd, Harper.


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